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What's New in ODYSSAI Literature 21.1.2

Keyword & Author Search

Keyword & Author Search

Wow, 93% of you are amazed by the interdisciplinary search approach we implemented so far. To sharpen your deep dive harpoon, we added the MUST INCLUDE feature. You may now select and mark up to 3 keywords or author names that must be included in the results. When you leave the keywords empty we return our classic interdisciplinary set of results.

Results & Refine

Results & Refine

The new results layout makes it easier for you to see all results on one page. You can show/hide the search query leading to these results. A Refine Search button opens the last search in a new tab for a quick update on your query.

Please enable javascript in your browser to read about the why and the how of ODYSSAI. ;) Cheers.
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