Hey, good to see you!

Building a search engine has probably never been so easy. At the same time, the expectations for a search engine have never been so high. As two sciency people, we were not satisfied with the search options for peer-reviewed publications available in 2016. So we decided to change that once and for all and developed a new approach. Here we are now in 2021, having put everything at our disposal into it: knowledge, time, savings and an enormous amount of enthusiasm.

ODYSSAI is ready for you. It is a truly semantic search engine and a one-stop source for scientific publications. Stop searching. Start finding!

This is just the beginning of something new - the beginning of a journey together. On this journey we need your contribution, because traveling alone is only half as much fun as traveling together.

How you can contribute

There are many types of contributions that help us continue and grow ODYSSAI.

  • Use the search engine as much as you can.
  • Tell us about your experience. What surprised you most?
  • Tell your friends and colleagues about it.

Making ODYSSAI the helpful tool it currently is for all of you is a challenging task. Repositories are constantly updated and enriched, neural networks are trained to serve what you need most - relevant scientific publications, and costs must be covered. We run ODYSSAI as a self-funded service free of advertising, without excessive collection or even selling of user data, and with data sovereignty on our own servers next door. We can't do all this alone. We need your help. Let's do it together.

  • Join the team as a volunteer programmer or web developer.
  • A 9.52€ monthly contribution will keep the servers running.
  • Sharing the ODYSSAI link will help spread the word!

We are grateful for each of your contributions. It means a lot to us and will help us immediately.

With gratitude,

Hardy and Lennart
Co-founders of KLEOS
The team behind ODYSSAI